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Nutritional Counseling
The OWEC veterinarians are ready to help your horse get the proper nutrition no matter what his needs. 

  • Sport horses need high caloric intake without damage to muscles and mind.  They also may need supplements.  Counseling can eliminate unnecessary expense  to the owner and increase the horses’ performance

  • Geriatric horses may need testing for Cushings disease and special diets, medication, and supplements.

  • Obese horses: Testing, diet and exercise programs specific for each individual.

Vaccine schedules are targeted to individual horse’s needs. 

Parasite/Deworming Counseling
Recent research has shown an increase in resistance to deworming products. To minimize this resistance, the veterinarians at OWEC are now designing parasite control programs, based on fecal counts performed in OWEC's lab, for each individual horse/herd.



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