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The OWEC Equine Reproductive Center (ERC), in the heart of Virginia horse country, provides horse owners in the region access to reproductive care that incorporates the highest level of care and expertise in reproductive management. OWEC ERC provides services for mares and stallions on an ambulatory basis or at our state-of-the-art reproduction facility while being managed for:

  • Breeding with fresh, cooled shipped or frozen semen
  • Deep horn insemination. This is a specialized procedure for sub-fertile mares and stallions
  • Embryo transfer: OWEC works with 2 large recipient herds for the best possible match for the embryo.
  • Semen processing and evaluation for shipping and cryopreservation.
    • OWEC works with Select Breeders Services, the world leader in freezing equine semen, to provide high quality frozen semen.
    • For shipping fresh cooled semen shipment, each stallion’s semen is evaluated and processed to achieve the best quality possible.
  • Reproductive/infertility problems
  • Phantom training
  • Stallion Collections
  • Breeding soundness exams: Complete fertility exams for the mare and stallion
  • Diagnosis and reduction of twins.
  • High risk pregnancy: Monitoring and care of the high risk mare
  • Reproductive surgery
  • Foaling and neonatal services

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  • "Thank you! I’ve used other home vets but you are by far the best."
    Nadine G.