There are 3 different options here:

1) Access your horse’s medical records, request appointments via Equihealth. Follow these instructions:

a) Click on link to below.

b) When accessing for the first time, you need to put in your email address and then click “first-time login”. (The email you enter must be in our records. If you haven’t sent us your email address, please do.) They will send a link to your email, go to that link and set up your password.

c) Once you login it will go to a page that has one of your horse’s medical records, etc. Once there you can choose a horse and look at medical records, or request an appointment from this page (“Request an Appointment” button part way down the page on the right).

2) Get your Digital Coggins (EIA) reports directly by clicking here.

3) Access our Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy by clicking here.