Prostride is a new technology that allows for stall side preparation of two forms of regenerative medicine to benefit injured soft tissue and inflamed joints. It takes blood from the horse and extracts healing anti-inflammatory properties that can be injected into the area of concern. The entire process takes just 30 minutes from blood draw to finished product of PRP or a PRP/IRAP mixture.


Traditional Joint Injections


A combination of PRP and IRAP which utilizes healing properties from a horse’s own blood to block harmful inflammatory proteins in the joint. There is also an antibiotic added to this to prevent infection.Combination of hyaluronic acid, steroids, and antibiotics. This relies mostly on the steroid to provide an anti-inflammatory effect.

Side Effects

Over the lifetime of an athletic horse there are little to no side permanent deleterious effects of Prostride injection to treat joint pain.Over multiple years and treatments steroids eventually degrade cartilage and cause damage to the joint structure.

Duration of Treatment

In many cases have horses treated with Prostride have maintained soundness anywhere from 6-18 months. This is likely due to Prostride actually treating inflammation by improving the health of the joint over the long term.Usually provides relief for 6 months in some rarer cases 12 month. The steroids work to calm the inflammation at the time of injection but do not have long term extended healing properties.

Treating soft tissue issues

PRP alone can also be processed from this system to treat tendon or ligament inflammation or tears.No part of these injections should be utilized in a soft tissue injury.


For any horse that is lame or injured and unable to perform the requirements of their job. Especially useful in cases where traditional joint injections have failed to achieve soundness.For any horse experiencing joint pain that limits it’s ability to work.

How Pro-Stride works:

Pro-Stride Equine use: