“An excellent practice where everybody on the staff as well as the veterinarians are well informed, concerned, available and highly professional!”

– Anonymous

“You all are fantastic, I recommend you to everyone. Thank you for all of your help with Prince.”

– Melissa K.

“We are very happy with Old Waterloo. The office staff is polite and professional.”

– David C.

“Fantastic holistic approach to care. It’s hard to find a vet who doesn’t immediately want to do 10000 X-rays and injections. Very pleased with our plan.”

– Calleen K.

“Very pleased with the attention given so far.”

– Kathy O.

“You know your clients and treat us with respect and compassion. You openly advise of your diagnoses, medications/treatments used, findings, and recommendations, and provide detailed information for us to make decisions for our horses. Excellent medical service is provided to our horses and all of the OWEC personnel care about our horses. Your knowledge of equine treatment, the horses that you treat and the clients you deal with are exceptional. Your compassion and caring is evident and very much appreciated. Equine knowledge, treatment, and caring is exceptional. Knowing the horses is key especially when there is referral for hospital treatment as there are discussions between the OWEC vet and the hospital surgeon. Thank you for treating and caring for my horses so well for over 12 years!!!”

-Angela K.

“Always professional, caring, and instructive.”

-Alexandra H.

“Dr. Boyd and Old Waterloo Veterinary Practice is the BEST care my horses have received in the 40 years I have owned horses. Period.”

-Kristan G.