• Internal medical examinations;
  • Assess ill neonates;
  • Pregnancy examinations and monitor the fetus in high risk pregnancies;
  • Image the abdomen and thorax;
  • Perform echocardiograms of the equine heart;
  • Examinations of the tendons, ligaments and joint lesions in lameness.


  • Portable digital radiography for detection of orthopedic lesions;
  • Survey radiographs for prepurchase examinations and repository series for sales horses;
  • Radiographs of the head and neck.


  • A flexible endoscope can be inserted in the upper airway or in the stomach of the standing horse;
  • Assessing the function of the upper airways for conditions such as “roarers”;
  • Respiratory examination for racehorse/sales prospects;
  • Looking for sources of infection in the airway including the lungs;
  • Diagnosing gastric ulcers and other disease of the stomach.